Bad Playstyle: A video game book club

Ep 42 - PIKUNIKU "Break things kick people"

Episode Summary

we're pro union and baseball sucks. get with the times. it's 2019 and narrative is king.

Episode Notes

Pikuniku this week
Don’t buy videogames
Keynans seattle mariners are doing quite well. (he was happier with a clicker)
Baseball sux
Owen has been playing astroneer! He says it scratches the same itch as legos
How did i play this single player platformer for 300 hours?
Solid stardew
Astroneer is the best iteration of the open ended crafting survival game
Keynan stop fucking interrupting me
Anthem dropped and warframe got scared
Matt dates the podcast
Videogames should tell me when they are brainless.
How deep is the ocean?
Schlooter vs hang mung: which is more offensive? Email!
I thought the gameplay was going to be more whimsical. It was pretty basic
The narrative was king here. Quirkyness front and center.
Owens rhythm game apnea comes back to bite him. Night in the woods FTW
WEEED game
Piku breaks stuff and hurts people. Kick people into space!
Poop I pooped
Grandchildren will hate you piku.
Slightly tongue in cheek.
Tongue in cheek or just european?
Deadbolt was too hard
Devolver good
0 payday 2
2 spelunky
1 tie fighter
Bath tub wooden balls
0 alpha centauri
Emailtwitter URL REDIRECTS
Guybrush has a good time.