Bad Playstyle: A video game book club

Ep 48 - Void Bastards “I'm gonna swear more”

Episode Summary

First supposed to be on video episode. we stream every other Saturday at noon. come check us out! void bastards was good, but how good? it has some problems, but what problems? Aaron is a great producer. hooray

Episode Notes

You can finally see us!

We compare sizes

Matt forgets more than he knows

There is not that much of a plot to this game

Keynan and Aaron have to be explicitly told it is a sneaking mission

Watchdogs 2 sux, owen reports

Zest jacket pizza toppings

Dead by daylight chainsaw dudes

Probability prediction is a skillset

We talk about auto chess for reasons.

Keynan very confidently answers a questions wrong, ladies love it

Slay the autochess

Matt and owen out their own neurodivergence

Payday2 VR report

We’re still figuring out these mics

Game time for Aaron is measured in dog years

It is tedious to teach everyone else to use a vive

We only want dumb video games cosmetics

Shout outs to A SOUND PLAN

DMC in vr is a thing i want

A javier BRDM

Stay in the fucking car

I have no opinions about mario. Game is fine

Plate spinning games need better journal systems

Aaron instantly fucks with the format

You die less the more you play the game

Yeah, you should buy more health if you’re dying a lot

Game has upgrade starts bruh

Does the game suffer from being so goal focused?

You have to earn having each weapon, you have to decide to use it on each run.

Echoes of chex quest

I made 2 offhand comments and completely changed the way keynan played

Dark levels woah man

Onomatopoeias on the doors. *Chefs kiss*

Void bastards came out of left field

Polished game

The loot drops in the game are magnificent

Friendly janitor ship “hey there gary”


We discuss individual enemies

Mutations: loved long arms. References to jaws and oddjob


The voice actors for this game are brilliant


Sea of thieves is coming to warframe



Prisons are bad?

The pirates have been working together for too long

I do not have the time to fuck with zecs

Fig buyout from hiro

Inside bad

Semi stealth mouthfeel

4 player co op void bastards

4 payday 2

Broke dick drill in a scottish accent

I’ve got too much tongue in me mouf

4 spelunky

Is there depth narratively?


0 tie fighter

3 alpha centauri

Yes golden toilet skull

We have places you can find us

Guy brush is a great guy.

Under the CNT

Owen does the best headcannon

NEXT TIME: a haunted island frog detective game