Bad Playstyle: A video game book club

Ep 49 - The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game “We don’t read books”

Episode Summary

The frog detective game is fun for everyone. come listen or go watch this episode of the BADPLAYSTYLE PODCAST

Episode Notes

Stargate reference!

Punished keynan, owen and matt

Mario maker report: the physics are different

Old computer scientists are bastards

Oh youngblood, you were almost good!

Ech! This build has foreknowledge of the world

My two friends are enormous idiots and still playing pubg

Shoes aren’t fashion matt!

Something something prison architect keynan can’t read

Let the meta evolve naturally

Keynan is a submarine


Gauges the game

Aaron has played duskers

Duskers is a good game

H3VR is the best shooting gallery VR game

Shoot that hortdorg. Spy revolver makes no sense.

Don’t stand so close to me. Don’t punch bry

Welders mask vr *mwah*

I have access to kids playing video games

Payday2 resurgence playsesh

Shoots through schools revolver

YOU can’t have a gun plane

Keynan says jiff

Game is short, that’s fine!

There is a ghost, no one cares!

Not enough game, but also fuck RUMU

I love that the magnifying glass doesn’t matter

It is a VN

Adventures games and stealing. The items have plot armor

X fresh posing gag

The frog detective is very “when in rome”

Don’t fucking cop out of my questions you ROACH


Static burrito

Bread everyday now!

Lazy jazz

The frog detective is a different KIND of idiot

The whole don’t read books bit

0 payday 2

Owen makes a legalese argument

1 spelunky

Both games have ghosts



0 Tie fighter

0 alpha centauri

Mario maker 2 mxj0mcs0g

We are on twitter

Fuck use

We have an email

Golden toilet asterix

Sherlock holmes is mcguyver according to keynan

Guybrush threepwood could be just fine in this universe

We’re playing jazzpunk and the flavor nexus

Hey, um, roll the credits please!