Bad Playstyle: A video game book club

Ep 50 - Jazzpunk “dadaist y2k gag vehicle”

Episode Summary

Jazzpunk is a weird game for weird people. Owen had us play it for unrelated reasons. come to the flavour nexus and witness the wedding quake.

Episode Notes

We’re still getting used to being live in front of no audience


Evologo beef. Whole trucks of it. Prepare to be ruined forever

Impossible tangent

Starsector rules

Spacestation 13 synopsis. SPACE LUBE

Rimworld is exactly the same as it always was.

Deepcock galactits update 

Keynan waxes dire need for control in life over prison architect

Hey games industry, more asymmetrical multiplayer

Cuz it roolz - owen

“No joke zone”

Thinking reacts only to keynans time management jokes

Game does not age well and is for a VERY specific demo

Matt: asshole content fracker. Ruining the videogame environment

This game is a choc a bloc with fun cruft stuff to do

Everyone else seems to like wedding quake a lot more than me

Polyblanc throws his gun when he runs out of bullets

Owen: bespoke assets screed

Support developers?

This game is very niche, what were they expecting?

Demolition man references. Hooray!

Jazzpunk is a television show in quadcow

Mustache offset, callbacks

Jazzpunk doesnt really care if you are laughing WITH it.

This game has one of the best ads of all time

“Things that cost rent” diatribe about shoes

This game should be in VR

Jazzpunk is unafraid of how weird it is

Lean on a virtual desk: everyone knows one person who did that

Listen to owen, he has good ideas

Engine specific asset viewer

Tom haverford is basically a racoon

You have to be dying to enjoy this game (over 25)

“We didn’t understand anything you were doing but we support you”

I suddenly say cube for no reason and we start talking about the best part of the game

80’s cyberpunk oriental scare

Alt history is hard and no one wants to hear me go on about it

2 payday 2

0 spelunky

Josh makes a mean pig



Shoes in the ceiling

1 tie fighter

Why aaron why

The nostalgia flavor rhymes. FUCK OFF

2 alpha centauri

Fuck tennis

Is basketball a derivative of tennis


A little BP lore

Meta feelings

Guybrush threepwood thrives in jazzpunk land

I never said i hate guybrush

False start ending the episode

Matt busts out the old school insults

Many silver toilet skulls

Shadowrun HK next time

He has never gotten that joke