Bad Playstyle: A video game book club

Ep 40 - Titanfall 2 “a weapon to surpass call of duty 4”

Episode Summary

Titanfall 2 is really good. lets explore why and why not! some other stuff happens as well. VIDEOGAMES!

Episode Notes

Owen is instantly done with the two of us
Why would keynan possibly think he could come at me?
Games round up!
Apex legends sucks according to owen
turd-torial level
Hitman 2! It’s not my fault there are multiple games called hitman 2. This feels like pedantry
Blood money elevator strangling nostalgia for everyone!
Keynan played dino park tycooon
Overfall coming q1 2020
There are two jurassic park movies
“So you’ve gotten to the time skips?”
Owen understands mech warfare better than us
Stop talking over me keynan
Am i the only person on this podcast who reads the UI? I feel crazy sometimes
Main character is matt mercer
The time skips were too much fun for their own good
The keynan typhon rule
“A robot i could have a beer with”
Mirrors edge comparison
Human revolution comparison
Train your players to play your game
The shotguns were solid. Still videogamey but not awful
Guns all look the same
Reading is fun
The game has a real momentum to it after the time watch level
It got the VTM release treatment
Movement better on controllers?
Respawn can’t kayfabe
The flying boss sucked!
House of the dying sun next time
Sam fisher versus
Titanfall 2 is sonic adventure 2. They have a lot in common