Bad Playstyle: A video game book club

Ep 41 - House of the Dying Sun “Nintendoesn't give a shit”

Episode Summary

Another VR game! this time its only optionally vr, which i cannot recommend highly enough. The boys talk about HOUSE OF THE DYING SUN. which is an outer space dogfighting simulator with some serious momentum. They also discuss the constant screaming all astronauts face the entire time they are in space

Episode Notes

Konkey bong. I think we are done with the chicken hat though
Battle pass brings great shame on both ends. Shame if you do, shame if you don’t
APE LEG (legendary)
Games are truly just events in these days of live service. But not in the cool way that owen imagined
Paywall (ick)
Fashionframe is endgame (pay to win)
What is psychology of boosters in games?
Objects in space: spaceflight sim submarine game. Dirtbags in space
Heat signature is easily read by non videogame people
Thief simulator: streamerbait
Astroneer ate my friends life for like a month. Fable 3 made me hate no menus
Megabloks is the gab of construction toys
Keynan “self” bailey
Sam fisher: workplace thief
Splinter cell : basic bitch metal gear
Don’t get an undercut, you look like a nazi
Booby soft
Hitman as well. You’re being galen
It is not my responsibility to say the year a game came out. You’re ducking the responsibility
Hitman 3: vs. the bilderberger group
Again we play as dirtbag
This intro reminds me of brigador
“The dragon”
Describe the room for donny
The sound design is immersive as hell
Keynan never did that shit. We’re gonna have to turn our keys
Traitor flagship a la FTL. makes it feel very guerilla
Glass the throneworld!
Unrighteous atrocity
The weapon that got pointed the other way.
Space shotgun sucks!
Angry electronic alarms
We want to hear computer screams
The game is all about punishment and momentum
You commit genocide and the game makes you think that’s awesome
The raw emotion of inflicting yourself on others. Very hotline miami in that way
More asymmetrical multiplayer. More game master type roles. More LFD director
Spike and barley plays afraid of monsters:
Dungeonkeeper meets freddy kreuger
Payday 2 has a kayfabe about it
3 payday 2
3 spelunky
5 Tie fighter
2 alpha centauri
Wrasslin is fake!
Chicken hat adjudication
Fire off a navy seal like a drunk eversor assassin
We playing PIKUNIKU next TIME
Be on bad playstyle: more likely than you think
Guybrush eats shit