Bad Playstyle: A video game book club

Ep 43 - XCOM2: WOTC “drive that sectopod like you stole it”

Episode Summary

xcom 2 a beautiful game. It's the type of game you can scream at your buddies about. come cry with the fellas about it.

Episode Notes

Versatility confuses and enrages many people. I leave it to you to determine the throughline
Dragons of cornwall
Long war was great but it ruined my whole life forever.
Deeper experience meaning more like xcomEW
Have HUE heard of HUE
Hahaowenmadeastarsjoke. Please finish your joke
I don’t know, I like the word bitch.
VVVVVV is from the era of vidya where difficulty=aesthetic
Sports teams should pay for their own fucking stadiums
Poor young keynan has to learn things the hard way, just like everyone
No water in moats plz
Fuck owen
Ksp ui changes
Totally accurate battle sim went early access
INSTANTLY into stupid videogame timeline stuff for xcom 2
My tygan impression is ON POINT
I am confused between LONG WAR and EW
The scout in Lw1 is what taught me to be less dumb
We talk about the narrative dynamics of the strategy layers of x1 vs x2
Lightsaber fever!
Owen sold some corpses he shouldn't have and it was some problems
We talk about builds. Its gets pretty crunchy but we try to keep it about feel.
Reapers: way OP. templars: OP with bladestorm. Skirmishers: weird power curve.
Stocks are OP
Basic xcom is all about making stuff more consistent
Sparks with bluescreen rounds chef noise
TLP loading screen music discussion
Reinforce the stories in the tactical play
Keynan goes full master blaster in owens campaign
Aesthetics of aliens conversation
Steal from story generation games plz xcom
It is hard to make being sniped at fun
Mechtroopers aren’t sparks, we know
Landmark theme park missions
Spy mission/extraction mission drama/story generation
Bad standards
4 payday 2
Can’t shout out voice packs enough
3 spelunky
2 Alpha centauri
I looked it up, he was using saccharin wrong
What was the ethereals plan?
Guybrush threepwood cannot die. He is a jinx
Exalt is capitalism
Pillars of xcom should exist